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We also offer organisations the chance to build cost-effective, bespoke packages that incorporate a mix of coaching, training and recruitment support  to suit the needs of the business.

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The role of leaders in an organisation is paramount. If employees are to strive and surpass their targets, then leaders need to be able to relate, communicate, and inspire.


AMCT’s Leadership Development training focuses on developing emotionally intelligent leaders, by enhancing self and social awareness. All participants will complete a DISC profile and receive a comprehensive Leadership Report that explains their leadership preferences. This report will provide the foundation for participants to gain an understanding in DISC profiling and how they can utilise this knowledge to achieve the best outcomes for themselves and their company. This foundation is applied to aspects of leadership including

identifying your personal and organisational values, vision, and strategy; how to become aware and overcome unconscious bias; and how best to influence and negotiate as leaders. There will also be the time and space needed for participants to discuss challenges, clarify values and reflect on personal practice before identifying goals and potential action plans.

It is recommended that participants compliment this training with 6-12 coaching sessions to ensure they achieve their identified goals within the specified time-frame. 

Good management is an art that relies on a manager’s emotional intelligence and their ability to understand, motivate, and get the most from their team.


In this Management Essentials training, participants will complete a DISC assessment and receive a thorough Leadership Report that explains their management style. Utilising this information, participants will gain an understanding of DISC profiling and how they can utilise this knowledge to identify strategies to develop effective relationships and bring out the best in their people. This grounding is applied to management essentials in key areas such as talent development, performance management,

Emotional intelligence (EI) is the capacity to identify, understand, manage and express our emotions and the emotions of others in an effective and productive manner.

AMCT’s Personal Effectiveness training aims to help staff at all levels gain an understanding of how to enhance their EI by completing a DISC assessment and receiving a detailed DISC Profile that provides key insights into their personality and behavioural preferences at work. With this information, participants will gain an understanding in DISC profiling - empowering them to develop successful and valuable relationships by recognising and adapting to the preferences of others. This training can be effectively supplemented with a

High performing teams are a rare find. Research has identified that these rare situations need some key factors to flourish – structure and clarity, meaning and impact, and psychological safety.


This training aims to build morale, identify common purpose, and develop an aware and cohesive team by exploring the traits that enable different people to come together to form high performing teams. Each participant will complete a DISC assessment that combines into a Group Dynamics Report that examines the behavioural strengths and characteristics of each team member, individually and collectively, and provides insights into team communication, leadership impact, and diversity.

Influencing and negotiating skills are used in every aspect of life and rely on our ability to recognise and understand the motivation of others. In this training, participants will complete a DISC assessment and receive a Sales Profile Report that explains their negotiating style. Utilising this information, they will then learn how to successfully negotiate and influence conversations by gaining an understanding in DISC profiling. 


This is great training for sales teams, negotiators, fundraisers, and others who need to make the most of this skill-set.

unconscious bias, and creating psychological safety. 


Participants will have time to set goals and develop an action plan, for which they can acquire a series of 6-12 coaching sessions to achieve their aims within a specified time-frame.

series of coaching sessions that empower participants to make real changes that see a positive impact in their working and everyday lives.

A great training session for both personal and professional development. 

Great session to implement during Team Away Days.

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