Quality learning and development is essential for the success of an organisation and its people. AMCT offers bespoke training, tailored to the needs of your organisation, that combine key skills and knowledge with DISC profiling to give your people the best foundation to launch from.



Coaching enables a client to get from where they are to where they want to be more effectively. AMCT offers a range of coaching bundles for business & private clients focused on helping you achieve your goals.

Business support services enable organisations to cultivate talent and become more resilient to the constant situation of flux experienced in so many industries. Utilising DISC,  AMCT is able to profile your organisation and provide support in the recruitment process.

Business Support




Want to recruit, retain and develop talent?

Want to cultivate high performing teams, managers and leaders?

Want to invest in your organisation's future?

Then AM Coaching & Training is for you.


To effectively communicate, we must realize that we are all different in the way we perceive the world and use this understanding as a guide to our communication with others – Tony Robbins


Understanding what drives people can be the difference between failure and success. Therefore, it is fundamental that in our working lives we understand ourselves and those we work with, so that we can effectively communicate to achieve a valuable outcomes.

AMCT specialises in helping organisations do just this by providing training and coaching services for managers, leaders, teams, and individuals that integrate the key research and skills with DISC profiling.




​DISC profiling is a research-validated assessment tool, developed for workplace relationships, which uses knowledge of human behaviour to help people understand themselves and others – empowering them to enhance the quality and effectiveness of their relationships to achieve successful outcomes. Cultivating emotional intelligence (EI) across an organisation in this way enables companies to improve productivity, cultivate high performing teams and leaders, build confidence and morale, reduce staff turnover, and increase sales.




​For all AMCT’s learning and development services, clients complete a DISC assessment and receive a comprehensive profile that provides important insight into their psychological and behavioural preferences at work. Utilising this information, our training and coaching activities assist clients in discovering ways in which they can adapt their styles to overcome problems, identify goals, and achieve valuable outcomes in their working and everyday lives.


AMCT training programmes focus on enabling participants to be able to quickly recognise and understand the preferences and tendencies of others, for instance, what motivates people, what environments they like to work in, how they approach tasks, the pace they like to work at and more. 


AMCT coaching activity focuses on helping clients clarify and achieve their goals. Utilising the DISC profile, as a starting point, coaching clients will explore areas within their working life that they want to cultivate and how they can achieve this within a specific timeframe.   




Whilst Business Consultants are paid to come into an organisation to solve problems, AMCT focuses on up-skilling and empowering teams, managers and leaders so that they can find the answers themselves.


You are the experts in your field - we want to equip you with the space and tools required to utilise that expertise, to identify solutions, and create opportunities for the organisation to innovate, grow and succeed.


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